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Dolce Candle 333

Mini Birthday Candle

Mini Birthday Candle

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Mini Candle 

Happy Birthday! Make a wish, but don't blow this candle out!

This cake inspired fragrance is the perfect birthday treat.


This Birthday Candle really smells like cake!

It’s soo fun! It also makes the perfect little birthday gift for the people you love and want to celebrate!

Indulgent cake batter mixes with notes of buttercream and vanilla for a creamy, smooth aroma.


2.5 oz

100% Soy wax candle



Perfect for - celebrating


Make your birthday dessert last longer than one slice.

Enjoy this decadent fragrance to make every day feel like a celebration!




Our candles are designed with the best care and love, poured by hand, we use ecological wicks, cruelty-free fragrances, natural wax.


Excellent as a gift or to treat yourself.


We only use high quality oils, as well as the maximum amount of fragrance oil allowed to give the maximum aroma both hot and cold.


Made and shipped from the USA

Very perfumed.


*Attention: All shipments are made from Monday - Wednesday

to avoid unsafe places in the post offices during the weekend, remember that we are sending wax and we want it to arrive safely at your home.


In autumn-winter season it is sent from Monday-Friday.



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I love it smell very good

Magaly Suarez